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Here we go again – the start of another wonderful year for the Belleview Shakespeare Club!

PLAYERS (3,4,5 graders)

Starting on October 25th, the Players Club will meet on Friday mornings at 7am, in the gym.

RETURNING MEMBERS – If you are a returning club member in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade you should have received your invitation to rejoin the club. Due to the populatrity of the Shaekspeaere Players’ Club, we can only accept a limited number of new members and we do this through a lottery drawing.



APPRENTICES (K,1,2 graders)

This Club is open to all students in grades K-2.  Starting on Tuesday November 5th  the Apprentices meet every Tuesday, at 7am, in the Media Center (library). There is no pre-registration required for the Apprentice Club, just come and we will sign you up then.

If you have any questions contact Ms. Nelson, 7.554-3148, or Mr. Daubert, 7. 554-3166