Shakespeare DVD Form- Babysitting the Bard

B elleview Elem entary Shak esp eare Club


“Babysitting the Bard”


DVD Order Form for Shakespeare Apprentices


The Shakespeare Club is offering a DVD recording of this year’s performances. The cost for this convenience is $20.00 per DVD per show.  Ordering a DVD is the only way to get a recording of these wonderful performances since no individual video recording is allowed!


Simply fill out the form below, indicate how many copies you would like to purchase,    include the appropriate cash or check, and turn it in, in an envelope, to the “Shakespeare DVD Order Forms” box at the front desk.  The DVDs will be delivered to your child’s classroom within 2-3 weeks of the performance.


NOTE: This order form is ONLY for the May 1, 2018 performance by Apprentices, titled “Babysitting the Bard”. There is a separate form for the April 26 & 27, 2018 show by the Players, titled “Shakes-Cheer”.


Questions?  Contact Nancy Schwartz at




Please return the bottom portion to Belleview’s front desk



(Note: The order form for the Players recording will be sent home with the Players)


P le a se se nd this stub with your payment


Child’s Name: ________________ Phone Number: ___________________     


Parent’s Name: _______________ Teacher/Grade: _______/______________


“Babysitting the Bard” Apprentice DVD Performance May 1, 2018


Total Number of Copies:   ________   x $20 each =Total $______________                                        


Paid By (circle one):    Cash   or   Check       Check#  ___________            



Note: Make checks payable to: Belleview Shakespeare Club.

Any extra amount will be considered a donation.