Scrips for Teachers/Staff

  Holiday Giving for Belleview Staff


This holiday season, please show the Belleview teachers & staff how much you appreciate all they do, every day, for our kids!


  • WHAT: Give a monetary gift, in $5 increments, to the Belleview staff and teachers of your choice as a holiday gift and thank you
  • WHEN: by December 5th at 10pm
  • HOW: Visit the PTCO website at and look for the Scrip link

OR go to


Through your contributions, teachers & staff can choose gift cards to treat themselves to their favorite restaurants and stores. With this easy gifting program, Belleview teachers & staff receive 100% of your donations and the PTCO gets back a percentage of each gift card to further support the staff throughout the year.


Please gift in $5 increments.

All contributions must be made by 10pm on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 to ensure the teachers and staff have enough time to order their gift cards and receive them before Winter Break.  Late donations will not be accepted.


***If you choose not to participate, or miss the deadline, please consider giving teachers and staff a gift card or gift of your choice.***