Committee guide

Belleview PTCO 2017-2018 Committees Guide


Box Tops for Education

Important Dates: All Year Long

Important Contacts: Kylee Purcell

Budget: none; Projected Revenue: $1,000.00

Previous Chairs: Holly Hancock and Shanna Ash

Primary Responsibilities: Collect box tops from each class and the box located in the school lobby throughout the year. Submit box tops and labels twice per year. Coordinate a class party for classroom winners at the end of the year.



Buffalo Stampede

Co-Chairs: Sarah Wideman & Ali Van Heusen

Important Dates:

Registration Kickoff-   Thursday, August 10th

School Assembly- Friday, August 25th, am & pm assemblies

Stampede Day- Friday, Sept 15th

Stampede Pledges Due -Friday, Sept 22nd

Stampede Prize Day- Friday, October 13th

Budget: $6,500.00; Projected Revenue: $40,000.00

Previous Chairs: Emily Rissmiller, Corey Bebarta, Sarah Wideman, Jen Lace

Primary Responsibilities: Begin coordinating the event during the spring semester and summer prior to the event. Coordinate the committee to create prize structure. Determine and plan for all prizes. Develop online giving. Promote event to teachers and school. Run actual event.   Work with treasurers to insure all pledges received and students given proper credit for prize day. Plan and run prize day.



Student Directory (formerly Buzz Books)

Co-Chairs: Liz Smith

Important Dates: During the summer arrange sponsors. Compile book after data is available from CCSD.

Budget: $300.00; Projected Revenue: $2,500.00

Previous Chairs: Liz Smith and Tani Stone

Primary Responsibilities: Contact sponsors during the summer and arrange sponsorships, including getting PDF files. Put together the family directory with Liz Smith and Tani Stone’s help managing the data from the district. Work with CCSD printing services to print Student Directory. Student Directory’s will be promoted in eblasts and Wednesday folders.


Committee Kick Off Meeting 2018-2019

Important Date: Wednesday, May 16th

Important Contacts: Wendy Forman

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Emily Rissmiller and Corey Bebarta

Primary Responsibilities: Host a kickoff meeting to welcome the 2018-2019 Committee Chairs. Event was held at Belleview Cafeteria last year. It is an opportunity for people to meet each other and hand off folders.



Enrichment Programs

Chairs: Emily Becker

Important Dates: Summer and December

Important Contacts: Rhonda Griffin for reserving rooms

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Jen Kritzik and Aliza Rothman

Primary Responsibilities: Schedule after-school activities and classes by working with outside companies and coordinating their use of school facilities.



Family Dine Outs

Chair: Stephanie Longcope

Important Dates: TBD

Important Contacts: local restaurants and vendors

Budget: none; Expected Revenue: $1,000.00

Previous Chairs: Leanne Airy

Primary Responsibilities: Work with local restaurants and vendors to create fundraising events. Previous restaurants we’ve worked with are: Chipotle, Chik fil A, Lil’ Ricci’s. Opportunity to grow this event to include Mom’s Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, etc.



Field Day

Chairs: Ashley Hastedt & Nicol Day

Important Dates: TBD

Important Contacts: Pam Smith

Budget: $900.00

Previous Chairs:Nicol Day, Holly Hancock and Ashley Hastedt

Primary Responsibilities: Help Mrs. Smith plan and organize field days as well as volunteers from 5th grade.



Friends of the Arts

Chair: Erin Meyerhoff & Casey White

Important Dates: Fall

Important Contacts: Mrs. Jones, Mr. Eschholz, and Mrs. Martin

Budget: None

Previous Chairs: Erin Meyerhoff

Primary Responsibilities: Assist art and music teachers with art and choir events (art show– fall and spring; choir events–twice a year; class musicals throughout year).



King Soopers

Chair: Katie Ross

Important Dates: Meet & Greet: Thursday, Aug 10th

Budget: $300.00; Projected Revenue: $6,500.00

Previous Chairs: Jackie Stolze

Primary Responsibilities: Coordinate sales of King Soopers’ gift cards and promote their use.



Legislative Representative

Chairs: Ben Meyerhoff

Important Dates: Throughout the year

Important Contact: Jo Metoyer Moore (President of Cherry Creek Community Legislative Network)

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Missy Scully, Ilana Spiegel

Primary Responsibilities: Communicate information from the Cherry Creek Legislative Network, as well as the district on legislative matters affecting Belleview and the overall school district.



Media Center Chair

Chairs: Training portion conducted by Bill Hardman

Important Dates: Throughout the year

Important Contacts: Mrs. Pauley

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Juliet Newell

Primary Responsibilities: Work with our librarian to coordinate volunteers in the media center and help with whatever projects or work need it.


Meet and Greet

Chairs: Wendy Forman

Important Date: Thursday, August 10th, 4-5pm

Important Contacts: Ms. Kophs, front office

Budget: $125.00- shared with Newcomer/Kindergarten Welcome

Previous Chairs: Emily Rissmiller and Corey Bebarta

Primary Responsibilities: Buy Otter Pops. You will need approx. 400-500. Freeze ahead of time. TIP: don’t over layer them and rotate them so they all freeze all the way through. Once frozen, can be piled on top of each other. Transport in coolers to Meet and Greet, bring scissors. Staff the Meet and Greet event and enlist volunteers to help distribute Otter Pops.


Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad

Chairs: Erin Hirstine & Lisa Piantanida

Important Dates:

Muffins with Mom: Wednesday, August 23rd, Doughnuts with Dad: Friday September 1st

Budget: $250.00 each

Previous Chairs: Leanne Airy, Erin Hirstine, Emily Rissmiller, Missy Scully

Primary Responsibilities: Work with Total Orthodontics to utilize their sponsorship offer, promote event and provide all drinks and treats.


Newcomer Welcome Committee &

Boo-Hoo/Yahoo Breakfast

Chairs: Nora Dispense, Stephanie McGee, Erin Flynn-Rovak

Important Dates:

Kindie Play Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 1:00-3:00 at Village Greens playground

Newcomer/Kindergarten Welcome: Monday, August 14th, 8 am

Tours: 1st Friday of each month

Important Contacts: Rhonda Griffin in front office

Budget: $125.00- shared with Meet and Greet

Previous Chairs:

Valerie Thome, Holly Hancock and Brenda Harkness

Primary Responsibilities: Reserve Gazebo for Newcomer Event. Plan and organize treats and speakers for Newcomer Event on first day of Kindergarten. Print handouts for Newcomer Event. Conduct school tours the 1st Friday of each month.


Nominating Committee

Chairs: Jackie Stolze, Emily Rissmiller and Corey Bebarta

Important Dates: Meet in late February or early March to fill the slate of PTCO positions for the next school year.

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Debbie Strouse, Kate Smith, Liz Smith, Emily Rissmiller, and Jackie Stolze

Primary Responsibilities: Fill the slate for the 2018-2019 school year in February and March.


Philanthropy Club

Chairs: Priscilla Hawkinson & Tracy Swen

Important Dates: Ongoing

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Stephanie Miller and Priscilla Hawkinson

Primary Responsibilities: Coordinate with Student Council to raise funds or collect items for donations.



PIN Representative

Chairs: Nancy Schwartz

Important Dates: TBD

Important Contacts:

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Nancy Schwartz

Primary Responsibilities: Share the meetings topics and dates with the communications committee so they can alert the school community of upcoming meetings in the weekly eblast. Attend monthly PIN meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month during the school year and communicate information to the Belleview community.



Red Ribbon Week

Chairs: Stephanie Longcope, Kristen Maley, Kate Lenig & Stephanie McGee

Important Dates: October 9th-13th (M-F)

Budget: $300.00

Previous Chairs: Nora Dispense and Beth Hines

Primary Responsibilities: Arrange for Red Ribbon Activities promoting healthy choices and healthy bodies. This will be combined with the Belleview Buffalo Stampede Prize Day bounce house.



Room Parent Coordinator

Chairs: Brigette Denning & Jackie Stolze

Important Dates: Holiday and Valentine’s Day parties

Budget: $1,500.00 for all class parties (Holiday and Valentine’s Day)

Previous Chairs: Emily Rissmiller

Primary Responsibilities: Obtain room parents for each class and provide information to the room parents regarding class parties, gift letters, etc. with one organizational meeting in the fall. Assist with Scrips Chair for annual gifts for teachers and staff.



Scholastic Book Fair

Chairs: Nancy Schwartz

Important Dates: Monday and Tuesday 11/20-21

Budget: See Mrs. Pauley

Previous Chairs: Nancy Schwartz, Holly Hancock & Bas Hollander

Primary Responsibilities: Arrange book fair, including promotions, set up and tear down, staffing volunteers, and running book fair.


School Store/ Spirit Wear

Chairs: Kate Smith & Kelly Pisciotta

Important Dates: Two Fridays per month, and big Belleview events

Budget: $2,500.00; Projected Revenue: $3,000.00

Previous Chairs: Kate Smith & Kelly Pisciotta

Primary Responsibilities: Manage school store (including ordering, inventory & staffing). Store is open 2 Fridays per month during lunch and at some larger events (Special Person‛s Day, Meet and Greet, Field Day, etc.).


School Supplies Kits

Chairs: Betsy Burns

Important Dates: Late Spring and right before school begins

Budget: $100.00; Projected Revenue: $1,600.00

Previous Chairs: Betsy Burns

Primary Responsibilities: Send ordering information in late spring to families and order from a school supply store.


Scrips Gift Cards

Chairs: Wendy Forman & Stephanie McGee

Important Dates: Late November and late April

Projected Revenue: $1,000.00

Previous Chair: Priscilla Hawkinson & Stephanie Longcope

Primary Responsibilities: Coordinate sales and manage the Scrips program that allows for the purchase of gift cards from local retailers twice during the school year.


Special Person’s Day

Chairs: Wendy Forman

Important Dates: Monday and Tuesday 11/20-21

Important Contacts: Front Office, Book Fair, and School Engineer

Budget: $500.00

Previous Chairs: Emily Rissmiller and Corey Bebarta

Primary Responsibilities: Make all arrangements for Special Persons Day, including: Promotion, Bulletin Board, Registration and Tracking, Decorations, Food and Drink and Staffing. We included Fruit leathers as an allergy friendly alternative this year.



Chairs: Kristiina Craven and Erin Hirstine

Important Dates: Kickoff: Tuesday, January 10th

Important Contacts: Teachers, Ms. Kophs, and Printing Services

Budget: $350.00; Projected Revenue: $7,500.00

Previous Chairs: Kristina Craven and Erin Hirstine

Primary Responsibilities: Work with staff to develop spelling lists, promote Spellbound event to Belleview families, work with printing services to print pledge forms, send home pledge forms, work with teachers to get spelling tests administered and graded, arrange to collect pledges.


Spring Family Carnival

Chairs: Stephanie Geller & Sarah Wideman

Important Dates: Thursday, May 3rd

Important Contacts: Front Office, Game Vendors, and Food Vendors

Budget: $3,750.00; Projected Revenue: $7,000.00

Previous Chairs: Jackie Stoltze, Debbie Strouse and Sarah Wideman

Primary Responsibilities: Work with committee to develop Totally Terrific Teacher Time, games, food, entertainment, decorations, volunteers, tickets, registration, cake walk, silent auction items.


Square 1 Art

Chairs: Liz Smith & Casey  White

Important Date: Kick off: Wednesday, August 16th

Important Contacts: Mrs. Jones

Budget: none; Projected Revenue: $2,100.00

Previous Chairs: Liz Smith and Cindy Finigan

Primary Responsibilities: Work with Mrs. Jones and classroom teachers to insure all students participate in completing Square One drawing. Work with vendor to arrange for orders and deliveries. Promote purchases to school.


Staff Appreciation and Hospitality

Chairs: Erin Flynn-Rovak, Megan Vickery, Vanya Hecht & Missy Scully

Important Dates: December (Holiday foods), January (Italian), March (Breakfast for Lunch), May (Cinco de Mayo)

Important Contacts: Building Engineer

Budget: $1500.00

Previous Chairs: Erin Flynn-Rovak and Megan Vickery

Primary Responsibilities: Breakfast and Lunches for teachers and staff throughout the year. Detailed agenda included in pass down folder.


Vision and Hearing Screenings

Chairs: Amy Handlin, Missy Scully, & Priscilla Hawkinson

Important Dates: Wednesday, November 1st  8:00-2:30

Important Contacts: Nurse Molly, Front Office

Budget: none

Previous Chairs: Erin Meyerhoff, Dolshalia Bryant and Priscilla Hawkinson

Primary Responsibilities: Work with Nurse Molly to coordinate Vision and Hearing tests for entire school, including arranging for volunteers



Chairs: Bas Hollander

Important Dates: Ongoing

Budget: part of PTCO administration budget

Previous Chairs: Bas Hollander

Primary Responsibilities: Maintain the Belleview PTCO website throughout the school year.



Chairs: Valerie Thome

Important Dates: Order forms in the fall, distribution in the spring

Budget: $7,000.00; Projected Revenue: $1,000.00

Previous Chairs: Valerie Thome & Stephanie Longcope

Primary Responsibilities: Oversee the creation of the school yearbook; manage orders in the fall and yearbook distribution in the spring.


5th Grade Continuation Committee

Chairs: Corey Bebarta, Liz Smith, Kristina Craven, Heather Scott

Important Dates: Beginning of school year, Tie-dye day should be in August or September. Movie Nights in Fall and Spring, Continuation Party Thursday, May 24th

Budget: $500.00 (plus whatever is raised from Movie Night fundraiser(s))

Previous Chairs: Cindy Finigan, Lauren Edelheit, Ann Kelly, Jen Lace, Deana Riopelle and Susan Barker

Primary Responsibilities: Plan and Coordinate Move night(s) with 5th graders. Order tie dye supplies and  t-shirts for all 5th graders and plan a tie-dye day for students. Obtain baby photos of 5th graders and create a power point presentation of photos to be shown at continuation ceremony. Plan and supervise a party for all 5th graders at Sundance Pool.