This Week at Belleview 9.17.17

This week at Belleview:

Friday, September 22:  Belleview School Store

Stampede Pledge Envelopes Due

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, September 26:  Final Day for online Stampede donations

Thursday, September 28:  Dine Out Night, Belleview Promenade Chipotle

Friday, October 6:  Movie Night K-4

WednesdayOctober 11:  Staff Appreciation Lunch

***For a complete calendar of events subscribe to the online calendar at ***

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Way to Go Belleview! So far, YOU have raised $20,770 online and YOU ran 886.3 miles!!!

This week it’s time to collect pledges, Stampede Pledge Envelopes are due this Friday, September 22nd! BONUS, you can still register and/or get online donations & make it to the next prize level. So, if you haven’t reached out to that third cousin in Indiana, now’s the time. Online donations close Tuesday, September 26.

The total of online + in-school donations will be shared during morning announcements Thursday, September 28th.

Most Miles per Grade:
5th- Logan N.- 3.0 miles, Daubert
4th- Rebecca H.- 3.0 miles, James
3rd- Thomas K.- 2.6 miles, Yasuzawa
2nd- Roy R.- 3.1 miles, Montoya
1st- Charlie H.- 2.0 miles, Markham
K- Paul S.- 3.0 miles, Maes PM
Classes who ran the most:
1st- 53.1 miles, Daubert
2nd- 51.5 miles, Badesch
3rd- 45.5 miles, James
Miles by grade:
5th- 193.1
4th- 187
3rd- 152.1
1st- 111.3
K- 52.6

Belleview School Store, Sept 22

Kids of all ages love the chance to shop for small trinkets during their recess and lunch time. Prices range from 10 cents to $5 and lots in between. The school store is a great way to see your child and their friends at school while helping to raise a little extra money for Belleview. Please click the Sign UP Genius link if you’d like to volunteer for a school store shift.


Thank you Belleview community!!

On Friday, September 8th, the Belleview Community came together to raise funds in support of hurricane victims.  Some very empathetic 5th graders planned and organized a Pajama Day.  By bringing a “bill” to school on Friday, kids were able to spend all day in their comfy PJ’s.  The fundraiser was a huge success!  Thanks to the student’s efforts, and several matching donations by parents and staff, our community raised $7066.20!! The executive board, with input from the fundraiser’s organizers, have decided to donate the money to Olsen Elementary School in Port Aransas, TX.  Hurricane Harvey made landfall directly over Port Aransas as a Category 4 Hurricane.  One hundred percent of the structures in Port Aransas sustained damage, many them catastrophic. Most permanent residents of Port Aransas lost everything; their homes, their personal possessions, their cars, and their source of income.  The three schools on the island (one elementary, one middle, and one high school) all received significant damage and are closed for at least the next 4 – 6 weeks. Teachers have lost teaching materials, the library lost books, and the students have been displaced and are being registered at surrounding schools until their home schools are ready for reopening.  The money raised from this fundraiser will go far in helping this school get back on its feet.  PJ Day Organizers: Rachel, Haley, Ruthie and Anna

Dine Out Night, Sept 28

Our first Dine Out Night of the school year will be held at Chipotle Mexican Grill (Belleview Promenade location) Thursday, September 28th4-8pm. Take the night off from cooking and come support Belleview by dining in or carrying out!

October Count will be Monday, Oct 2

Why is this an important day?  October Count provides one the largest portions of the district’s funding.  Parents it is Very Important that your child comes and arrives on time for school attendance this day.  If your child is going to be late, please make sure you call the attendance line (720) 554-3120 so we know they will be coming.  If you have any questions, please call Rhonda at (720) 554-3102.

Movie Night, Oct 6 

Please support the 5th grade class by attending Movie Night at Belleview. See the attached flyer for a list of movies! K-4th grades welcome. See flyer for details. Contact Wendy Forman or Heather Scott with questions.

Parents of Kindergarten, First and Second Graders: Shakespeare Apprentices start Oct 31

Your child is invited to join the Belleview Shakespeare Club. We meet everyTuesday7:00 – 7:45am in the gym. On May 1st, 2018, we will put on a fabulous show called Babysitting for the Bard.

Kindergarten Parents:  Please drop off your budding Bard or Bardess in the gym and the Shakespeare teachers will make sure s/he gets to morning K or KEP when the meeting is over. If your child is PM K only please pick up your child at 7:45am at the seats by the front office. Please be on time as the teachers have to get to their classrooms.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Nelson 720 – 554-3148 or Mr. Daubert 720 – 554-3166


Parents of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders:  Fall music clubs start this month

Please see the attached flyer and encourage your child to join a music club or two!  Recorder Club is for 3rd grade only!

It’s not too late to join Cub Scout Pack 345

Boys in grades 1 to 5 can sign up at our first pack meeting of the year on Monday, September 18 at 6:30 in the Belleview gym. We’ll be preparing for our upcoming camp-out by learning how to build a tent, how to (theoretically) make a fire, learn the scouting outdoor code and play games.

Questions? Email cubmaster Bas Hollander:


Sign up to Be a Watch Dog today

Watch Dogs is a new volunteer program we’re bringing to Belleview this year. Join your student for a half day or whole day in the classroom. Help with student drop off and bus arrival, be recognized on the morning announcements and then spend the day with your student helping in the classroom, going to recess and enjoying lunch with them.

Sign up on the following link to be a Watch Dog for the day!


Staff Appreciation Lunch, Oct 11

We will be having our first Staff Appreciation Lunch on Wednesday, October 11th.  We’d love to have your help with treating our amazing teachers and staff to a delicious lunch.  The theme for this lunch will be ITALIAN.  We would love a mix of traditional, healthy, and gluten free Italian options for our teachers and staff.   We’ve provided a sign up list below with ideas of what you could bring, but please feel free to bring your favorite Italian dish even if it’s not listed.   Click on the link below to sign up!  Italian-Themed Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Cherry Creek Schools Parent Academy:  Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)

CPS is a research-based approach that is designed to be both proactive and preventative as well effective in teaching parents how to work toward mutually satisfactory solutions to challenging behaviors.  Classes are facilitated by highly trained members of the district’s mental health team and provide a safe and supportive learning environment for parents to gain valuable skills and knowledge, ask questions and support the healthy development of their kids.  In turn, these resources also help our schools, teachers and staff as they seek to meet student’s social-emotional and behavioral needs.  This is a true win-win. Please see attached flyer for more details.