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End of Year Giving for Belleview Staff

End of Year Giving flyer

As the end of this school year approaches, please show the Belleview teachers & staff how much you appreciate everything they did for your children this year.

·      WHAT: Give a monetary gift, in $5 increments, to the Belleview staff and teachers of your choice as an end of year gift and thank you

·      WHEN: by May 7th at 10pm

·      HOW:  Go to


Through your contributions, teachers & staff can choose gift cards to treat themselves to their favorite restaurants and stores. With this easy gifting program, Belleview teachers & staff receive 100% of your donations and the PTCO gets back a percentage of each gift card to further support the staff throughout the year.

Please gift in $5 increments.

All contributions must be made by 10 pm on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 to ensurethe teachers and staff have enough time to order their gift cards and receive them before Summer Break.  Late donations will not be accepted.

***If you choose not to participate, or miss the deadline, please consider giving teachers and staff a gift card or gift of your choice.***

Questions- Contact Stacey Anderson- anderson.stacy50@yahoo.com


Shakespeare Videos Available!

Order your Video Recording of Belleview Shakespeare Dinner Theater!

Videos are $20 and available at:

Belleview Players  bit.ly/0519sdbe

Belleview Apprentices bit.ly/0507sabe


More information at: BEL Players 2019 DVD Flyer



Your convenient way to order school supplies for next year is NOW available! There is online ordering and it is sent directly to your home the week before school starts. It will be a lifesaver and give you more time for summer. Kindergarten available too!!!!

EPI-EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS kits will be available to purchase now through June 16, 2019.

Simply click this link:


Enter the school ID: BEL158

If you have any questions, contact Christen Vu at ccagevu@msn.com

Belleview Order Form COLOR

If you were unable to attend the General PTCO meeting on Raising Media Smart Kids presented by Brian Dino, you can catch the slide presentation by clicking here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HeRZVuxiNsL0qFNHrtF4EU1QtdpdykpMhnM7jFhHkzQ/edit#slide=id.p4

Learn tips on raising media smart kids, including managing family media use, choosing appropriate media, filtering home internet, limiting exposure on social media, and using safe district homework sites.

Thank you Belleview Community!

Installation is complete on our water bottle filling drinking fountains!
Thank you to the entire Belleview Community for your support.

Big changes are coming to the King Soopers donations!
Raising money for Belleview while shopping for your groceries just got REALLY EASY!
You no longer need to use your re-loadable card for Belleview to benefit every time you shop at King Soopers. Just connect your Sooper Shopper’s Card(the gas points one) to the Belleview PTCO online in the Community Rewards section. Click on the link below to see the a comprehensive flyer for step-by-step instructions.
Thank you for donating to Belleview!

Questions? Please contact Stephanie or Priscilla Steph_nowak76@hotmail.com or priscillagtaylor@yahoo.com

KS Community Rewards change April 2019


Read how Belleview is ranked 3rd by Niche in a ranking of Metro Denver’s top 25 public elementary schools!




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