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We are happy you’ve come to check out the Belleview PTCO website! Here you will find information regarding our Belleview PTCO; links to fundraisers, the ability to RSVP for events, you may sign up to volunteer and view our most recent weekly eBlasts and PTCO minutes. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

The PTCO would like to wish you all a wonderful summer!

We have been working hard to prepare for the 2018-2019 school year and think it is going to be a great one!


What’s New for 2018-2019!

This year we are introducing our Every Dollar Counts Campaign! We are so excited to make Fall Fundraising quick and easy with your one time donation. Look for more information coming soon!

Registration is back so mark your calendars for the morning of August 9th. Look for more information to come on Express Check-in and how you can skip the lines!!

Have a great summer!

Did you notice?

We moved our eBlast from Sunday to Wednesday

Now we align with Wednesday Folders and Communications going home from the school!


5th grade-Daubert/Badesch participate  and Jaffe/Lopez lead activities

For “travelling” volunteers (accompany class through activity stations)- contact your class Room Parent!
For “station” volunteers (stay at a particular station to assist 5th graders with leading activity station)- please visit the Sign-up Genius link below:



An innovative program that’s being used by schools across America to provide an opportunity for fathers (and mothers) to make a positive difference in their students’ lives at school.



It’s a half day at school- you are announced as the Watch DOG of the day and then you’re into everything at Belleview from playing with kids at recess, having lunch, helping in the classroom, assisting with art, PE, and library time to being on guard when busses arrive and depart.




Here is an example of what your day will look like!
Watch Dog Morning Schedule

8:45 – Check in / Get Shirt & Picture / Be introduced in your child’s classroom as the WatchDog for the day.

9:00 – 11:10 Recess – Play games on Playground/Go to lunch with your child during their scheduled time.

10:45 – 2nd lunch

11:15 – Kindie Lunch

11:50 – 1st lunch

11:15 – 12:00 – Help in Library – Help shelve books

12:00 – Write Note to Child / Check Out


Watch Dog Afternoon Schedule

11:40 – Check in / Get shirt and picture / Read a book to Bus Kindergartners

11:50-1:15 – Be introduced in your child’s classroom as the Watchdog for the day.  Go to Recess on the field (3, 4, 5) – Help with Field games and go to lunch with your child during their scheduled lunch.

                  12:15 – 4th lunch

                  12:45 – 3rd lunch

                  1:15 –   5th lunch

1:15-1:40 – Help in library – shelve books

1:40 – Help Rex clean lunch room

2:00 – Write Note to Child / Check out

To get involved, click here:




King Soopers reloadable gift cards are still available for purchase in the front office. They cost $2.50 and come pre-loaded with $2.50. (It’s basically free!) Do you already have one? Maybe you have a friend who could use one. Here’s how it works:  Before you make your purchase at King Soopers, ask the cashier to load the card with whatever amount you wish. Then, just use the card to make your purchase. Belleview PTCO gets 5% of the amount you put on the card. In case you’re wondering, currently that comes to an average of $500 per month for Belleview PTCO. It’s easy money, and easy to increase! Questions? Please contact Katie Ross at kathrinaross@gmail.com.


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