Belleview PTCO is asking you: 

VOTE YES on 3A & 3B 

We understand excellent schools do not just happen; it takes the hard work and dedication of community members to realize and accomplish the dream that gives every student the opportunity to be prepared for success after high school. When we choose to invest in our schools, we provide the key to that success.

WITHOUT YOUR VOTE, this critical task will be impossible to achieve, given the historic underfunding of education by the state of Colorado.

We ask voters in Cherry Creek School District to support the critical bond and budget election this November. The measure will seek $23.9 million in a budget (mill levy override) issue, and $250 million in a bond issue.

This money will be spent IN SCHOOLS and ON EVERY STUDENT.

The crucial funding provided by 3A & 3B will:

  • Allow every Cherry Creek school to accommodate the growing student body by protecting class sizes without compromising the individual needs of our students;
  • Recruit and retain quality classroom teachers who believe in our vision for student success and academic excellence;
  • Provide a positive return on investment by creating a school district that is a modern representation of its community, resulting in increased property values, continued growth and development;
  • Ensure our children are learning in a secure and safe school environment with updated surveillance systems, security procedures and technology;
  • Maintain Cherry Creek School District’s national reputation for academic excellence for generations to come.

Volunteering signup
Form to signup for volunteering.
    Volunteers help Setup and Manage Students to and from the Field and Track Area. Time Frame: Run Day, September 16th Time required: 1-2 hours
    Volunteers to help watch kids, bring wagon for water bottles and help with games. Time Frame: Mid May Time req'd: 1-2 hours
    Volunteers needed for tracking laps and distributing shoe charms, necklaces or bracelets. Time Frame: Aug. 23rd - Sep 8th Time req'd: 1 hour
    Assist Committee Chair with art and music teachers for art and choir events. Time frame: School year Time req'd: varies per project
    Volunteers are needed to help shelve books and other library operations. Time frame: School year Time req'd: 1 hour shifts
    Volunteers for setup, serving and cleanup. Time frame: Aug 24th & Sep 2nd Time req'd: 1-2 hrs
    Volunteers will help Committee Chairs for various healthy activities during lunch hours. Time frame: Week of Oct. 10-14th Time req'd: 1 hr shifts
    Volunteers will help set up and tear down, as well as help run book fair. Time frame: November 21 & 22 Time req'd: 1 hr shifts
    Volunteers would help Committee Chairs during lunch hours and large school events. Time frame: 2 Fridays per month during lunch Time req'd: 1 hour
    Volunteers needed to help run this awesome 2 day event. Time frame: November 21 & 22 Time req'd: 1 hour shifts
    Volunteers will grade Spelling Test and help with monetary actions. Time frame: January Time req'd: Varies per project
    Volunteers to help with bid sheets, check out, decorations, online payment options, etc. We also need donations of goods or services for the auction. Time frame: Auction date is March 10, 2017 Time req'd: Varies per project
    Volunteers to help with games, food, tickets, entertainment, decorations, cake walk. Time frame: Thurs, May 4th Time req'd: 2 hours
    Volunteer bring in a dish or other items for staff luncheons. Time frame: Dec, Jan, Mar, May Time req'd: Varies per project
    Volunteers help by managing students or performing height and weight tests. Time frame: Scheduled for October Time Required: 2-3 hours