Welcome to B E L L E V I E W!

The PTCO would like to wish you all a wonderful summer!

We have been working hard to prepare for the 2018-2019 school year and think it is going to be a great one!


What’s New for 2018-2019!

Every Dollar Counts Campaign
In case you missed it: Click the link below to learn more about Belleview’s Check-In process and how you can skip the line by completing your on line forms by August 3rd at 3pm!
To complete your Belleview PTCO check-in visit:
To complete your Cherry Creek School District Parent Forms visit:

Every Dollar Counts Campaign

Our Goal:  $40,000!

Why?  To provide Belleview students with an exceptional education, PTCO needs your donations to bridge the gap between state educational funding and our actual budgetary needs.
Who?  Every dollar counts! Your dollar makes a difference!
How?  Donate now at https://ptco-registration-2018-2019-school-year.cheddarup.com
When?  Donate today and receive a Belleview car magnet.
  • 100% of your donation is tax deductible.
  • 100% of  your donation goes back to the school.
  • Grand prize for the highest donating family.
  • Class parties for every class that reaches 100% participation.
Your donations hard at work:
  • TA support for each grade level
  • Playground inclusive equipment

  • Water bottle filling stations

  • Front lobby furniture upgrades for collaborative accessibility


King Soopers reloadable gift cards are still available for purchase in the front office. They cost $2.50 and come pre-loaded with $2.50. (It’s basically free!) Do you already have one? Maybe you have a friend who could use one. Here’s how it works:  Before you make your purchase at King Soopers, ask the cashier to load the card with whatever amount you wish. Then, just use the card to make your purchase. Belleview PTCO gets 5% of the amount you put on the card. In case you’re wondering, currently that comes to an average of $500 per month for Belleview PTCO. It’s easy money, and easy to increase! Questions? Please contact Kathrina Ross at kathrinaross@gmail.com

We moved our eBlast from Sunday to Wednesday

Now we align with Wednesday Folders and Communications going home from the school!

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